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2020 Connecting up


2020 is the year for new happenings and connections and celebrating all those women who are linking up to challenge taboos and highlight the wonder and reality that is menstruation , having our monthlies and knowing our bodies and how amazing they are.



Tessa Venuti Sanderson has written and illustrated a treasure of a book which turns all those boring puberty text books on their heads! Check out her amazing website

Had a great conversation with Tessa this week about our books Ruby Luna’s Curious Journey and Making Pink Lemonade

Delighted that Rachael Crow from is using my book Making Pink Lemonade in her mum and daughter menstruation celebration groups. Check out her incredible range of eco menstrual products and online courses to inspire and guide you through the phases of girl and womanhood.

On just the day I needed it, my much-looking-forward to, copy of Creatrix by Lucy Pearce arrived in the post.What does it mean to live in a service to your creativity and in direct connection to the creative source?So looking forward to finding out! Lucy Pearce has created a pioneer publishing imprint , Womancraft as a platform dedicated to sharing exciting new voices , including her own and powerful messages that are being overlooked, silenced or sanitized in traditional publishing.

Creatrix is about living a creative life and the soul need that we have for doing that. Lucy guides us along a path to creating and making that space and time to do it. With personal experiences from Lucy Pearce , Rachael Crow from Moontimes ( see above) and other Creatrixes, the true reality of the practical process of creating something and the nurturing of the soul ,help to light the way


Brighton at its best Friday just gone with Laurika. Bluest of skies, bracing wind, lashing waves, plum tart and chips on the pier, no proper tea obviously and a must see tourist attraction visit to newly opened, The Feminist Bookshop on Upper North Street. Fantastic collection of adult and childrens new and old feminist classics, coffee and cake if you need it and a haven of a reading room downstairs. So perfect I thought I must have dreamt it up! As I queued up to buy Sister Outsider by Audre Lorde , there in fornt of me were the women who ran the Silver Moon Bookshop – a feminist bookshop that used to be on Charing Cross Road in. London.The torch has been handed over- hurrah!

Photo by Laurika


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Paying homage

Next year in 2018 there will be lots of celebrations and remembering of all those women and men who campaigned for the vote in the UK, including Centenary of the Vote -100th anniversary of the Representation of the People Act 1918, which enabled all men and some women over the age of 30 to vote for the first time; and 90th anniversary of Equal Franchise Act 1928, which gave women the right to vote at age 21 on the same terms as men; plus much more


So I have begun my own It’s Good being A Girl pilgrimage to statues, blue plaques, monuments and places that recognise significant suffragettes, suffragists and other women who made a stand for us all.Starting in London with freedom fighter and nomad Laurika Bretherton

Also with me on this feminist adventure is my very own suffragette Josephine, who as well as standing proud on the steps of the house that Sylvia Pankhurst lived in on the Chelsea Embankment, way before it was posh, was extremely popular at the

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