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January seems like a lifetime away and now in late June there is the stirrings of remergence from lockdown and the new routines we have been inhabiting during.Feels like the world’s mood is shifting to what matters…

Lucky to have been furloughed from the bookshop where I work and had time for those things I always feel I don’t have time for – like creative projects and writing. In fact I have bullied and cajoled female friends and family of all ages to contribute to a new Good Being A Girl Zine art project as part of Brooklyn Art Library’s Sketchbook project

Fern rubbings, cutting and pasting zine pages, photos, screen prints, my sister,my Mum, my friend’s 8 year old. Will upload the finished sketchbook when done .See below lovely screenprint of a friend by her wife.

Mandy by Anna Small

Melonie Syrett’s ‘How To Support Your Daughter Through Puberty’ is the ONLY puberty book specifically for mothers of 8-13 year olds! It provides all of the facts around puberty and periods that mums need to know to support their growing girls PLUS ‘How To’ advice on answering questions and picking the right time to speak to your daughter. Melonie Syrett is an Educator and Specialised Menstrual Health Expert. She offers real life experience and questions and combines these with facts and advice to ensure that mums feel supported and that the next generation of girls grow up shame free and body loving! Melonie’s work has been rolled out across schools in the UK as City to Sea’s Rethink Period’s Campaign which has been fully funded by Waitrose, she has been involved in the creation of the Period Friendly Bristol Education guidance and recently trained Girl Guide leaders and Youth Workers in how to confidently support young people with periods. She also trains women to work with girls and their mothers outside of education and holds puberty and period sessions.

Tessa Saunderson’s follow up book to Ruby Luna’s Journey is Ruby Luna’s Moontime .

Ruby Luna starts her period at 10 years old and keeps a diary for the next two years all about the menstrual products she tries and the things that happen to her and her friends. It is aimed at 10-12 year olds, but would be suitable for any girl starting her period earlier than that. It also covers the transition from primary to secondary school. It is written with humour to keep the topic light and entertaining, but includes lots of information from the impact of diet on periods to when girls historically started menarche (first period) in an accessible way.

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