A must for any girl who is about to or has already started her…PERIOD – yes that’s right the taboo smashing story of 12 year old Kali who is determined to love her cycle and chart the I-hate-everyone-days along with the I -am -Wonder- Woman ones! 

Makes the perfect Menarche (First Bleed) gift aimed at age 9+

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 Other recommended books:

Ruby Luna’s Curious Journey

by Tessa Venuti Sanderson

Ruby Luna is curious about bodies: particularly about the lower part of her body and what she cannot see inside.

This interactive, brightly illustrated treasure of a book, turns all those boring puberty text books on their heads.It also highlights the cyclical nature of  periods and the “magical changes that take place“.

Ruby’s voice and explanations are just the right level of funny silly and informative. I particularly love the honouring  and the fun silliness of placing a crown on your head to represent your “hair scrunchy” like hymen.

Aimed at 8+ girls but good be a great eye opener for many adults!

To buy contact Tessa at or go to

Wild Power

Discover the Magic of Your Menstrual Cycle and Awaken the Feminine Path to Power

by  Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer . To purchase go to     £12.99

wild power final

 A Dreamer’s Life by Laurika Bretherton

Do you dream of freedom? Do you wonder what it would feel like to be completely free? To step into the world with only a suitcase and a passport? To quit your life? All of your life? Your marriage, your job, your home, your stuff? 

This book gives you a glimpse inside the mind of a woman on such a journey. She shares her most intimate moments of despair, but also shows us the mysterious joy that empowers you when you accept yourself exactly as you are. 

Take a journey of self-discovery, one that weaves between dreams and reality. From meerkat encounters in Namibia to the streets of London, from small towns in South Africa to snowy Chicago Winters. Between these pages you’ll find stories and people, both real and imagined. 

A Dreamer’s Life is a disarmingly honest and ripples with passion, melancholy, humility and gratitude.